10 things you need for National Rosé Day

National Rosé Day (NRD), the second Saturday in June, is a wonderful reason to visit a Connecticut winery! This year, NRD falls on Saturday, June 10, 2017. And – because we love lists – we made a list of 10 things you should do and have ready to bring along with you this weekend! Don’t forget to share your Rosé Day escapades on social media using #NationalRoseDay and #MyCTWineTrail.

What is Rosé Wine?

Rosés can be sweet, dry or bubbly, but it is easy to tell a Rosé simply by its color. Rosé wines can be referred to as Rosé, pink wine, or a blush wine. Most are served chilled. Rosé wines are not red or white, and are also not a mixture of the two. So, how do they get that beautiful rosey, blush color? (Or…millennial pink?) When making red wine, you may know that the skins remain on the grape during fermentation, allowing that pigment to then darken or color the wine. With Rosé wine, it is a similar process, called “maceration”, but the juice is pressed out sooner, limiting the amount of contact the wine has with the grape skins, and leaving a beautiful pink tone in varying hues.

Now, to celebrate:

6 Things To Do

  1. Get a glass/bottle of Rosé. Pick from any of our CT Rosés, found at many CT Wine Trail wineries, including:
  2. Take part in CT Open House Day. Celebrate the 13th annual CT Open House Day by visiting local attractions. Some of our wineries are participating. Must bring a 21+ CT Drivers License to redeem offers:
    • Taylor Brooke Winery – Visit on June 10 and receive 10% off Roseland Red Wine. You’ll also receive discount coupons to the Roseland Cottage, and Roseland Cottage will be giving out discount coupons to Taylor Brooke Winery as well. Woodstock, CT.
    • Sunset Meadow Vineyards – Wine Specials all Day. 10% off 6 bottles. 15% off 12 bottles. Goshen, CT.
    • Paradise Hills Vineyard & Winery – Visit between 11am-8pm for a wine release of CT Estate Grown Chardonnay (a delicate wine with a clean nose and just a hint of oak) and receive 10% off Bottles of and 15% off a Full Case of Chardonnay for June 10th only. Wallingford, CT.
  3. Pick up a Passport to CT Farm Wineries. Grab one for free at any CT Winery, and get yours stamped this weekend while you sip your favorite Rosés from Litchfield to Stonington! Visit 16 or more wineries before November and enter to win great prizes!
  4. See Live MusicThere’s no better venue to catch live music than along the CT Wine Trail. Saturday’s live music scene includes:
  5. Wine and Chocolate Pairings. Wine and chocolate is the perfect match for the wine connoisseur and chocoholic. Offered at various vineyards across the state:
    • Sunset Meadow Vineyards – A unique wine and chocolate pairing that combines 5 Sunset Meadow Vineyard wines with 5 hand selected chocolates from Fascia’s Chocolates. Two types of pairings are available. See website for details. 11am-1pm. Goshen, CT.
    • Couple doing chocolate and wine pairing at Miranda VineyardMiranda Vineyards – This educational experience allows you to challenge your taste buds, learn how our custom made Fascia’s chocolates and our traditional European wines pair together, and of course, sweeten up your day! We have even put together customized “Take Home Chocolate Pairing Kits.” Take one home for your friends! 12-2pm. Goshen, CT.
    • At Maugle Sierra Vineyards in Ledyard, support local by enjoying fine wine with dessert wine truffles made by Hauser Chocolate of Westerly, RI. Or try a Chocolate Shooter — a dark-chocolate cup filled with the winery’s dessert wine, Espiritu’ de St. Croix.
    • Many other vineyards also offer chocolate on-site, including Stonington’s MI Chocolate, which pairs well with the Stonington Vineyards Cabernet Franc.
  6. Other Events, like Color on Wheels Paint Day at DiGrazia Vineyards from 1-3pm, will allow you to explore your creative side while sipping on some Rosé ($40pp). Reservations required. There is also an Art Reception at Miranda Vineyard at from 2-4pm for artist Laura Laska.

4 Things To Get/Bring

  1. A ‘Yes Way Rosé’ tote. Lug around everything – snacks, Passport to CT Farm Wineries, sunscreen, and your outdoor wine glass holders – all fashionably in your tote!
  2. Cheese! Duh. Goat Cheese has an acidic, tangy flavor that pairs well with wines that are bright acidity and berry notes, as found in most dry Rosés. The distinct flavor and creaminess of goat cheese can be blended with herbs or cranberries, and can be smeared on crackers or crumbled in a salad. Check out other cheeses that pair well with Rosés here.
  3. Custom Wine Glasses for enjoying CT Rosés at home. Or, collect souvenir glasses from the CT Wineries! You can never have too many wine glasses!
  4. A Red, White, Rosé or a ‘Rosé All Day’ tank. Various styles for sale across the Trail. Pictured: Paradise Hills Vineyard & Winery‘s patriotic Red, White, Rosé tank. Wear all summer long or save for 4th of July. Wallingford, CT.

And remember to share your Rosé Day adventure on social media using #NationalRoseDay and #MyCTWineTrail. See you around.


Kayla Hedman

A Connecticut-native, Kayla recently moved back to southeastern CT from Burlington, VT. While in VT, she frequented local wineries, where a number of her friends worked as tasting room staff and event coordinators. She hardwired her palette and learned to appreciate wine for the sake of her friends. Unfortunately, after finding out she has an intolerance to gluten, Kayla stepped away from being a part-time representative for a brewery and grew to love wine even more. She works full-time as a brand manager at a marketing agency, and enjoys supporting local small businesses in her spare time.