Cru Podcast: Empowering Women Winemakers with Christina Musto

Today is kind of surreal. I was featured on the Cru Podcast: Stories from the People Behind Wine to speak about my family’s business – Musto Wine Grape Company, LLC, the Connecticut Wine Industry, and the Women Winemakers of Connecticut group I helped to create.

It was such an amazing opportunity, I feel so grateful to have been featured. I had a great time discussing all of these topics with Chappy and I hope he is able to taste some of Connecticut’s delicious wines soon!

Chappy’s podcast focuses on “Stories from the People Behind the Wine,” and if you look at the people he has interviewed so far, the stories are insanely inspiring! He has interviewed the McBride Sisters, Brian McClintic, and Dustin Wilson just to name a few.

It was incredibly kind of him to take the time speak to me and share our conversation with his listeners. Connecticut is a small winemaking and wine growing region, but we have a lot to offer any wine-lover!

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To hear more about The Connecticut Wine Industry, Making Your Own Wine at Home, and The Women Winemakers of CT, listen to the full interview.

Christina Musto (@threadsandvino) is the 4th generation of a family wine business, Musto Wine Grape Company, based in Connecticut where she works with commercial and home winemakers to provide them with the tools and grapes they need to make great wine.

She is a long-time member of the American Wine Society, has studied at UC Davis, and has her Wine Business MBA from Sonoma State University, and on top of all of that is a founding member of Women Winemakers of Connecticut.

Here’s 5 facts she shared about CT Winemaking:

  1. CT started with just a handful of wineries, and now there are over 30.
  2. CT Wineries are a great place for people traveling from NYC, New Jersey, and other surrounding states to gather.
  3. Each winery has their own vibe and styles, but being so close together, you can go through and really enjoy the Trail as if you were in California wine country.
  4. A lot of the wineries have at least 5 planted acres, but are expanding due to demand.
  5. One of the top hybrid varietals in this area is Cayuga. It grows well in CT.

“Christina was wonderful to have on the show. I learned a lot from her about the Connecticut wine scene, what its like sourcing grapes from California, Chile, and South Africa, and we bonded over our similar goals of creating communities of like minded and passionate people in the wine industry,” noted the podcast host, Chappy.

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Christina Musto

Christina is a long-term member of the American Wine Society (AWS) and has been working with wine grapes since she was 11 years old. Christina graduated from Sonoma State University with her Wine Business MBA, she is a founding member of the Women Winemakers of Connecticut group and a Sommelier. Currently she works at Musto Wine Grape Company, LLC. helping source wine grapes for home makers. She is currently enrolled in the UC Davis Winemaking Extension Program and will be taking her first level WSET this winter. Christina loves all things wine and is excited to share her CT wine experiences with you! Cheers!

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