The atmosphere at Maugle Sierra is laid back, but sophisticated. Outdoor seating is grouped to take advantage of the view of the orderly rows of grapes. Inside a long Mahogany bar provides space for wine tasting and for the purchase of bottles to enjoy on site or to take home. A large fireplace dominates the end of the room with seating for a crowd or a couple to enjoy a snowy afternoon.

While location and a comfortable ambiance make a vineyard inviting, it is the wine that matters most. Paul and Betty were interested in creating a product that was a bit different. Because of occasional subzero temperatures, they planted hearty St. Croix and Marquette red varietals and St. Pepin, a late-frost white. 60% of the grapes used in their wines are grown on site, and the rest are from vineyards within 50 miles of the winery. A taste of New England!

Wine List

  • 1740 Ledyard House White
  • Ledyard Sunset White
  • Rendezvous
  • 1740 Ledyard House Rosé
  • 1740 Ledyard House Red
  • Espíritu de St. Croix
  • Qué Sera, Syrah
  • Seduction
  • Chocolate Shooter
  • Sunset Red, Cab Franc


Farm est. 2002; Tasting Room est. 2008.
Owners: Paul and Betty Maugle.
Wine Maker: Dr. Paul D. Maugle.
Acres: 97 Acre Farm with 11 Planted Acres in Vineyards.
Annual Produced Cases: 2,000.
Grape Varietals Grown: St. Croix, Marquette, St. Pepin and Frontenac.