Passport to CT Farm Wineries

2022 Passport – Coming this Summer!

Members of the CT Wine Trail participate with other Connecticut farm wineries in the Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries sponsored by the Connecticut Farm Wine Development Council and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. 

Spend this summer and fall traveling Connecticut to collect your Passport stamps while creating lasting memories. The program will launch in Summer 2022; exact date to be announced in the near future.

To receive updates on the program start date, participating wineries, and prizes for the 2022 program year, please visit and sign up for the newsletter.


  • Is there a charge to participate in the Passport program?
    • There is no cost to participate in the Passport program. The app is available to download at no cost and no purchase is necessary at a participating farm winery.
  • Can anyone participate in the program?
    • Anyone over 21 years of age can participate, in accordance with Connecticut liquor laws.
  • Is there a charge or purchase necessary to get a stamp at a winery?
    • There is no purchase necessary to collect a stamp at the wineries.
  • Can people who are not Connecticut residents participate?
    • Any person over the age of 21 is allowed to participate in the Passport program. Participants do not have to be Connecticut residents.
  • Why was the Passport program started?
    • In 2006-2007, the Passport was started to help market the Connecticut farm wineries. Thanks to the continued support for the passport, and other Council efforts, Connecticut now boasts more than 45 licensed farm wineries.
  • Who runs the Passport program?
    • The Connecticut Farm Wine Development Council manages the Passport program, a voluntary council made up of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, winery owners, research institutions, and Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development. Besides the popular Passport, the council provides education for the wineries annually and operates a successful wine booth in the Connecticut Building at the Big E each fall.
  • Is the Council or the Passport part of the CT Wine Trail?
    • No. The Wine Trail is a separate program run by the Connecticut Vineyard and Winery Association (CVWA), a private, non-profit group of wineries. However, both work together to help the industry flourish. Several Wine Trail members are also in the Passport program and on the Council.


For more information, visit the Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s website, or contact [email protected], 860-713-2538.