Nationally recognized as a bicentennial farm, The Land of Nod has been serving the local community for over nine generations. The Land of Nod is a family-run and family-owned business located on 200 acres of rolling farmland in the northwest corner of Connecticut at the base of the Canaan Mountain State Forest Preserve, beside the Blackberry River. We planted our first vines in 1994. The Land of Nod offers an array of grape and fruit wines from dry to semi-dry to sweet. Our tasting room is located in an old repurposed barn filled with history dating back to before the American Revolution. In addition to wine, we sell yarn produced from our own sheep and maple syrup from our own sugar house.

Along with farming, several generations of the family were involved in the local colonial and revolutionary iron works. From cast iron kettles and square nails to cannon balls, swords and knives, the Forbes and Adam families produced what was needed by the community. Part of the vineyard is planted on the beds of old remnants of stone, charcoal and various artifacts from this historical time. The farm is situated near the only industrial monument in Connecticut, The Beckley Furnace. The furnace is and old blast furnace built in 1847 used for making pig iron. It lays beside scenic Blackberry River and waterfall, where hiking and fishing are popular.

The Land of Nod offers seasonal fly fishing instructions with Orvis by appointment. See website for more details. We encourage picnicking.

Wine List

  • Fly Fisher White - Dry and Fruity
  • Bianca - Semi-dry
  • White Pear - Semi-sweet
  • Marquette - Dry Red
  • Iron Master - Dry Red Meritage
  • Artisan Field Blend - Fruity Dry Red Blend
  • Blueberry-Raspberry Medley - Semi-sweet Fruit Wine
  • Peach - Semi-dry Fruit Wine
  • Chocolate Raspberry - Semi-sweet Dessert Wine


Est. 1998.
Owners: The Adam Family.
Winemaker: William P. Adam.
200 total acres; 7 planted. LON also grows raspberries, aronia berries, currants, kiwis, peaches and pears.
Grape Varietals: Bianca, Pinot Noir, Corot Noir.